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Dobj egy műalkotást! EN

August 21st
1093 Budapest, Bálna Budapest
1093 Budapest, Bálna Budapest (Whale Budapest)

Coming soon.

Information about the program

Throw a piece of art!

three creative games featuring a dice, for three different age groups (ages 4–7, 7–12, 12–18)

The aim of the culture of space programme is to help young people become adults who have an established, definite style, rather than just drifting with the trends.

It’s important that they speak the language of design and architecture, and that the majority of them be able to function as users and clients, while a smaller portion can also function as creatives.

Because all of us live in houses, we are surrounded by objects, we put together our wardrobes, order our business cards and websites and, if all goes well, our houses, stores and offices too.

Our visual education will have a long-term effect on our environment.