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"The game of fire and lights"

August 27th 19:00 - 19:30
Pesti és budai alsó-és felső rakpart

Information about the event

"The game of fire and lights" is complemented by a spectacular drone show and a festive light show “painted onto” the surfaces of the Parliament building, the National Gallery and Gellért Hill - providing a dazzling experience for the audience from Margit Bridge to Petőfi Bridge

This year’s fireworks show will raise last year’s highly successful story-telling narrative to an even higher level: this time it will display a condensed chronicle of the thousand years from the birth of Christian Hungary to the present in a form that focuses on the lesson of the memory of national values and the passing on of St. Stephen's heritage for children, young people, and future generations. The festive programme is a true family experience where parents can hold their children's hands and travel together with the tableau of the great periods and significant moments of Hungarian history, while emphasising the important national values that can also provide support for everyday life in the form of a moral lesson. Once again, the show reminds us of the miracle that despite so many difficulties we have managed to remain and keep our place in the heart of Europe, and this is thanks to the solid values of the Hungarian nation and the strong roots of the Christian culture of Saint Stephen.

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