The program is constantly being updated. We reserve the right to change the program.

Please note that photos and videos are taken at the event and participation in the event automatically implies consent to their publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly will the programs be?

St. Stephen's Day programs are held at more than 20 locations throughout the city. The list of exact locations is available on the website under the menu item "Locations" and on the main page on the map.

How should I prepare for the event?

We advise you to come to the events in comfortable clothes suitable for the weather. Visitors should bring proof of identity with them and note that there are no safe deposit boxes on site.

Is participation free?

Yes, participation in the events associated with St. Stephen's Day is free, but there are programs that require registration. 

From what age are you admitted to the programs?

There is no age limit at the events, but the organizers request that minors come to all events only under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Is there a limit of attendees on the programs?

There is no limit on the number of people at most of the Saint Stephen's Day events, except for those programs for which entry is subject to registration.

Can you visit the events with dogs?

Yes, all outdoor events associated with St. Stephen's Days can be visited with dogs, but indoor events are not. Visitors should consider the participation of their animals in consideration of this and possible unpleasant sound effects (e.g. fireworks).

Is waste collected selectively at the event?

Yes, there will be selective bins at all locations, which we encourage visitors to use.

Is a vaccination card or an immunity certificate necessary to participate in the events?

No, open-air events on Saint Stephen's Day can be visited without restrictions.