The program is constantly being updated. We reserve the right to change the program. Please note that photos and videos are taken at the event and participation in the event automatically implies consent to their publication.

Discounts at SZIN points


Szentkirályi Mineral Water (0.5 l)
Sale price:HUF 190
Pepsi Cola (0.5 l)
Sale price:HUF 320
Tapped Borsodi beer (0.4 l)
Sale price:HUF 350
Canned Borsodi beer (0.5 l)
Sale price:HUF 350
Kancellár (1 dl) (wine)
Sale price:HUF 220
Pogácsa (Scones) (approx. 80 gr): (with cheese or pork greaves)
Sale price:HUF 275
Bécsi perec (Viennese pretzel) (100 gr) (with cheese, salt or seeds)
Sale price:HUF 300
Nobilis Irsai pálinka (4 cl)
Sale price:HUF 750
Extra fizzy (1 dl) (mineral water)
Sale price:HUF 99
Pepsi Max (0.5 l)
Sale price:HUF 320

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