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Celebrating the foundation of the state with gastronomic adventures

Every year, the various gastronomic attractions are remarkably popular Among the programmes of the St. Stephen’s Day celebrations. The Street of Hungarian Flavours and the Csárda Festival promise delicious gastronomic adventures once again.

A varied programme of exciting popular and classical music concerts, family and children’s activities and cultural events await visitors at the St. Stephen’s Day celebrations. The organisers have not let down those looking for culinary delights either, with two venues specifically dedicated to food, and traditional Hungarian flavours.

Csárda Festival

In August 2022, around 14,000 people attended the Csárda Festival and enjoyed a good meal: almost 6,000 portions of food (including Transylvanian stuffed cabbage, Gemenc-style venison stew, lava-grilled salmon, and oven-roasted pork knuckle) and close to 7,000 portions of beer were consumed every day.  This year the organisers are expecting even more participants. In 2023, the finest of taverns will once again gather in the heart of the city centre, on Vörösmarty Square, where you can enjoy your favourite dishes, programmes with a special atmosphere, folk dance performances and a folk music festival.

Street of Hungarian Flavours

In the Street of Hungarian Flavours, the flavours of the Carpathian Basin will be awaiting those who want to experience the traditional delicacies of many regions in an exciting gastronomic adventure: delicious food and drinks from the Highland (southern Slovakia), the Transcarpathia (Ukraine) and the Őrség (western Hungary) regions, among others. The event takes place between 18 and 20 August on the quay from the Chain Bridge to Döbrentei Square.